Good VS EVil

11,111 Completely unique NFTs by famed street artist, James Ame aka Ame72.

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The DOJI are the only survivors of the fall of Figlandia after the Battle of Deumos. Without their help, Earth will not survive the oncoming attack from the X. How will they be contacted?






XCREW Are an evil faction of space terrors barreling towards Earth, the last habitable planet in the galaxy. Their arrival will trigger the downfall of life as we know it.





Feature Rich.

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Decades In The Making

Famed Street Artist AME72 had been crafting the DOJI Aesthetic for decades on walls and surfaces around the world. Now, paired with generative tech and DeFi Economics, he brings in a new era of digital avatars to the Blockchain.

Fully Custom

DOJI/X are the FIRST NFTs that allow collectors to decide when they are revealed. Until that decision is made, your CREW are kept in a state of mystery, with traits completely unknown to the collector or observer. Revealing your CREW members not only reveals their completely organically created traits, it also let's you name and create a bio for your new forever avatar.

Passive Earning

Both DOJI And X Crew earn Zingot every day passively. Zingot is claimable through the Market to purchase art, and very soon traits, accessories, and companions for your CREW.

Bespoke Market

Use your Zingot in the Marketplace to buy exclusive art from James Ame, Anticrash, Slowhed, and more. For full immersion, gas is subsidized in the circumstances a user does not have MATIC in their wallets to cover the cost of the transaction.







Every one of the hundreds of elements are hand painted or drawn and scanned in one by one to be fed into the generative engine. Every splatter, line, and stroke was done completely organically.